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How to find a Mothers' Group near me

Postpartum can be an isolating time and being surrounded by a group of people who are going through the same life stage makes the journey less overwhelming and less lonely. 

The first place to start is with your local council. If you are a first-time mum, you will be allocated a group based on your location. Sometimes Mother's Groups work out, and you hit the trifecta; another mum with a baby the same age as yours, who lives close to you, who you also click with. But what if you aren't that lucky? 

Here are some of the most valuable tips shared by mums in our community on how to make friends as a mum:  


1. Connect with other mums from your birth class or baby first aid course


Making friends during antenatal classes and workshops is a great way to connect with other mums who will likely be due around the same time as you. 


2. Follow the prams 

Get outside and go for walks in your local area. Chances are you will see other mums pushing their babies in prams around the neighbourhood. See where they go.


3. Go to the baby-friendly cafes 

Local cafes are great places to meet and connect with other mums. Find ones that have easy pram access, are not too noisy and have space where you can comfortably feed and change your baby. 


4. Join a local Mother's Group outside of the council 

Most local councils offer first-time Mothers' Groups and open playgroup sessions where mothers and babies can meet. Check-in with your Maternal Child Health Care nurse or local centre to find out more. There are also private Mother's Groups that you can join to find other like-minded mums with babies the same age as yours. 


5. Join an activity like Baby Sensory, Gymbaroo or a local music class 

Joining an activity for your baby is a great way to meet other mums with babies the same age. Baby Music Classes are a great way to meet other mums and you  babies will also get to socialise and be stimulated at the same time. 


6. Visit From Day One 

From Day One is a modern village that has been built by mums, for other mums. The beautiful drop-in day space is a great place to meet other mums in the area, join a Mother’s Group for first-time mums but also as a second or third-time mum, and access postpartum experts and specialists for education and advice on early parenthood. The weekly schedule of events has parent groups, playgroups, postpartum support sessions, special events supporting motherhood and one-on-one appointments with specialists including lactation consultants, sleep consultants, perinatal psychologists to aid in the prevention of postnatal depression and postnatal anxiety and nutritionists to assist with postnatal depletion and nourishment. From Day One has all of the amenities to cater for babies under 12 months, with comfortable feeding and changing facilities on each floor. 

However you go about it, feeling a part of something once you’ve had a baby can have a significant impact on your mental health. No one should have to parent alone. 

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