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Weekly Masterclass & discussion series

Our masterclass series brings together leading specialists in a relaxed, judgement-free space, where you'll have the chance to ask questions, whilst connecting and learning from other mums also navigating postpartum.

These sessions are held in our group space with comfortable couches for you, floor mats and bouncers for your baby, access to a kitchen, changing facilities and a dedicated feeding space.

Upcoming Masterclasses

First Aid Essentials with Eliza Leslie, Founder of Baby Safe Basics

10.30am on Friday 26th July

Being able to recognise, react and respond effectively when a child is unwell or injured can help to contribute to positive outcomes. In this session, Eliza guides you through her framework of how to recognise when a child is very unwell, prompting you to get medical help and how to respond to a child who is choking, including reducing the risks of choking in children.

This session is for:

- Parents or Grandparents looking for a first-aid refresher

- Parents looking for a overview of the most important topics that apply to everyday life with a baby

- Parents looking to boost their confidence in how to react and respond when their child is unwell

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Limited places in each session

Masterclass reviews

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Cassie, 5 months postpartum


“Motherhood is ride and more, so it truly is the nicest thing to be able to break up the day with friendship and connection. From Day One is just the space for this.

I’ve recently done two Masterclasses here (baby cpr and solids) and I was super impressed with the information and speakers.

Short, sharp, punchy (so the bubbas don’t lose it). Super relevant and adaptable too.”

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Ella, 2 months postpartum


"As soon as I walked in, I could sense the stress of life with two small children start to shift out of my body. After a morning of scrambling to attend to everyone's needs, I was greeted by Keshia and Ariel, offered coffee and delicious snacks, shown a comfy couch and directed to all the things a new parent could need- bouncers, change tables, nappies in every size etc. I was encouraged to stay for as long as I liked after the class so had the opportunity to connect with other mums going through similar experiences and exchange notes in a comfortable and supportive environment. At at time when it's so hard to prioritise your own needs, spending time here was like a warm hug."

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Wendy, 4 months postpartum


“The masterclass was so helpful. When there is so much information out there it can get confusing so a masterclass with an expert just helps to consolidate your knowledge.

Plus the space is just beautiful! Plush playmats, toys, coffee, tea, cake, lux breastfeeding and diaper change facilities. Everything you need had been thought out!”