Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders


Ariel (left) and Keshia (right) met through mutual friends in 2019. Ariel, a corporate retail buyer and merchandiser from New York, had two young children at the time. Keshia, an ex-fashion brand CEO from Melbourne also had two young children. 


They lost touch during COVID and reconnected again in 2021 after a chance meeting in a local park. Keshia was pushing her 3-week-old newborn in a pram and Ariel was about to give birth, also to her third child. They quickly arranged weekly walks and navigated their third postpartum together. 


They faced inevitable challenges throughout this period but couldn't stop thinking: Why is there nowhere for mums to go with their young babies? Medical clinics offer the helpful resolution of specific concerns but aren't always set up for community building. Council Mother's Groups offer connection but lack continuity beyond the 6-week program, and second and third-time mothers miss out. 


And so From Day One was born. 


After two years of monthly focus groups speaking with women about their postpartum experience, the concept evolved into a membership-style drop-in space for mothers that could be accessed when needed, with the ability to meet other mothers going through the same life stage and feel empowered through access to specialists for group classes and events. 


They believe that collaborative learning through conversations, and interactions, held in a beautiful, comfortable safe space will lead to happier and healthier parents that are less lonely, less anxious and can see the parenting experience can be filled with humour, joy, and friendship.

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    From Day One opens in Melbourne

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