Beyond the Birth: Liv

Beyond the Birth: Liv

Liv is mum to 2.5-year-old Gus with baby number two due in May. 

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What shocked you the most about postpartum? What does no one talk about? 
I went into postpartum thinking I was prepared but I don't think anything can prepare you. I didn’t know many other people with babies and hadn’t heard anyone talk about the mental change you go through. I was lucky to be so connected to Gussy from the beginning but what I hadn’t thought about was how hard I would find it to leave him. Even leaving him with my husband to go and get some groceries would leave me feeling anxious, let alone the logistics of close friend's birthdays and weddings, I ended up just bringing him everywhere with me (which was actually great). After the first few months, I was in desperate need to have some time to myself and do something for myself but struggled with my emotions and anxiety even just getting my haircut! The hormones are real!!
You’re leaving the hospital with your new baby. What would you tell yourself? 
This question makes me emotional. There is so much I would say… your life is only beginning. You are about to learn so much about yourself and love someone in a way you didn’t even know was possible. Also, don't hop into that lift because it’s dodgy and may break (true story but luckily only for a couple of minutes haha). 
What would you do differently heading into postpartum next time around? 
This time round I have NO plans. I am a really busy person and always like being on the go and having tasks to do but this time round I really want to just soak it all in. No rush for anyone to meet our new baby, take my days as they come and just slow down. We also have Gus to think about this time and really try and let him get comfortable with the change before adding anything else to our plate. 
Must read, listen, download or watch for early motherhood? 
Ooo fun question! I am going to answer all of them. Read - The Howl Magazine. Listen - to people around you who you trust, block out the outside noise. Download - my Mami Mode Style Book of the month (shameless plug). Watch your FAVOURITE series. I watched Love Island in my 4th trimester with Gus and loved every second of it. 
As a working mum with a busy toddler, what are your non-negotiables? How do you plan on carving out time for yourself when baby number two arrives? 
I'll be honest, I am not good at this. I hardly find the time for myself now let alone when baby two comes along. I would say my non-negotiable is putting a nice but comfortable outfit on each day, it makes me feel SO much better. Also having a friend over for a wine fills my cup and is very necessary. 
How do you switch from mum mode to work mode? 

This was really hard for me at the start but I feel like we are in a good routine now. We have found an occasional care for Gus that I love and he loves, so I have my work days and my Gus days. When baby 2 arrives things will get a bit harder it will mean working weekends and nights but we will manage, it is all part of it and I am so lucky I work with mums who are understanding, and I also love what I do. 
Beyond the Birth gives women the opportunity to share their postpartum experience to help other women going through the same life stage, because when we support other mothers by telling our story it makes the journey a little less hard and a little less lonely.
Join Liv's first Masterclass on International Women's Day Friday 8th March at 10.30am all about rediscovering your identity postpartum and beyond.

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