casual sessions


casual sessions with postpartum specialists

We know babies can be unpredictable and sometimes you need help, now.

Our casual sessions offer access to postpartum specialists for guidance, questions and advice in an intimate group setting so you can find the reassurance you need.

Our groups are capped between 4 - 6 people depending on the specialist, so you can receive the attention you need whilst still connecting with others in the same life stage.

Casual Group Session Schedule

Support with:

- Latching difficulties

- Painful breastfeeding 

- Low milk supply or oversupply

- Faltering weight

- Breast refusal 

- Bottle refusal

- Pumping (including flange sizing and fitting)

- Colic or unsettled behavior

- Breastfeeding with PNA / PND


- Pre and post tongue tie release 

- Feeding multiples (twins)

- Re-lactation

- Returning to work 

- Weaning from breastfeeding 

Reassure, educate and support you to establish age-appropriate rhythms, routines and patterns for your unique baby.

Support with:

- Education on what is biologically normal for your child's age and stage
- Advice, guidance and reassurance specific to your child
- potential red flags
- settling strategies
- Age-appropriate routines

The first year after giving birth is a time of monumental change and vulnerability for many people. This period can be associated with emotional and psychological difficulties which can benefit from psychological support.

Casual sessions can offer support across a number of areas including:

- Strengthening your emotional skills in managing changes in your life, relationships, identity, mood and body.

-Gain new skills in managing stress

- Improve your confidence in parenting

- Bonding with your baby

- Adjustment to parenting

- Navigating the changing family dynamics

- Develop strategies to maintain and strengthen your relationships

- Preparing for parenthood

- Traumatic birth experiences

- Returning to work

A weekly check-up until your baby is 6 weeks old. Seek out reassurance about your physical recovery, guidance on healing after birth, and have your questions answered to support your emotional wellbeing.

Meet other mums, share your experiences and learn from each other in an intimate group setting.