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Whether you're seeking connection, support, reassurance, empowerment, or to learn something new, our weekly schedule of events has been carefully curated with you in mind.

Our space is designed to cater for babies under 12 months, with feeding and changing facilities stocked with emergency supplies, so we encourage you to bring them along to any of the sessions.

Is there something you need but can't find? Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Mother's Groups

Welcome to your weekly catch-up of mums who just get it, because they are in it too. Learn from the experts, laugh through your challenges and leave feeling lighter.


Interactive discussion series led by an expert and held in a relaxed, social environment, designed to educate, empower and help find the joy in early parenthood.

Bring your baby, bring a friend or make some new ones along the way.

Music classes

Experience the beautiful discovery of music with your baby, watch them develop and have fun together in our classes hosted by Melbourne's go-to destination for children's music education, Musical Minds.

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