Beyond the Birth: Annaliese

Beyond the Birth: Annaliese

Annaliese is mum to 6-month-old Estelle (pictured) and 2.5 year old Remy. 
 new mum with baby joining mothers group near me
How do you find time for yourself? And what does this look like for you?
It’s something I’m still trying to work out! Gym a couple of times a week is a non-negotiable for me. 
Who is in your inner circle of support? 
My beautiful mum and mother-in-law, as well as a group of very close girlfriends. 
Top 5 most used items during postpartum? 
Cocoona baby
Breastfeeding pillow 
Compression shorts 
Breast pads 
Most valuable piece of advice you received? 
‘This too shall pass’ in relation to phases, stages, seasons and everything in between. 
What is one thing that no one talks about that surprised you during postpartum or early motherhood? 
I was surprised that everyone wanted to put their 2 cents in about everything. It can feel overwhelming to tune in and trust your instincts with all the noise. 
Beyond the Birth gives women the opportunity to share their postpartum experience to help other women going through the same life stage, because when we support other mothers by telling our story it makes the journey a little less hard and a little less lonely.

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